crossroadblues: (stubborn; determined; angry)
Ryen ([personal profile] crossroadblues) wrote2009-05-19 01:57 am

.001 - you are the gazer, you are the attracter

So. Welcome to my Dreamwidth.

I'm not thrilled with the layouts available, or the formatting. It's clunky and uncomfortable for me. Hmph. I wish there were more options; I understand that DW is new, but there's not much excuse for the awkward layouts here. If you only have time to make a couple of layouts, you should make ones that are at least attractive, if not user-friendly.

Now watch, the rabid DW fans will come out of the woodwork and crucify me. I fully expect to be dead by morning, or you people are simply not doing your jobs. I mean, really.

Anyway, this isn't going to be my primary journal - that's curseangel @ LJ and always will be - but I'll probably use this a little bit. Gotta get mileage out of this awesome username, after all.

Anybody know what good comms I like have moved over here? SF_D? C_S? Bueller?

- Ry